Function principle of weighing sensor part 2

- Jul 14, 2020-

Function principle of weighing sensor part 2

Generally when weighing sensor is far distance away the weighing module, power supply voltage of the weighing module for sensor suppose to 10 v, so as a result of the line loss, the excitation signal reaches the weighing sensor is less than 10 v, under the same stress distribution, the sensor output signal is proportional to the power supply voltage, so weighing module through a high impedance circuit of the sensor to the actual power supply voltage feedback to weighing module, weighing module through internal comparator adjusted by the power supply voltage of the output.The weighing module can be connected with both four-wire and six-wire sensors.To connect the four-wire sensor, short-connect SENSE+ with EXC+ and SENSE- with EXC- at the junction box or weighing module side.


3_副本If weighing module and sensor distance is far, such as 100-200 meters, and the load cell is 4-wire sensor, it is recommended that the user in the junction box, sensors SENSE + and EXC + sub, SENSE - and EXC - sub, then when the weighing sensor is out of junction box,it is turned into six wire system, using a special sensor connecting cable, connect to the weighing module, as shown in the figure below.


If the weighing module is close to the sensor, such as a few meters, then just short SENSE+ and EXC+ on the weighing module, and SENSE- and EXC- will be sufficient.

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