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- Jul 22, 2014-


Load Cell Application and Debugging 

    Load cells are known as the heart of electronic weighing components.With the rapid development of science and technology,electronic weighing systems produced by weighing sensors are widely being applied in all walks of life,to achieve a rapid and accurate weighing of materials. Especially with the emergence of microprocessors and continuous improvement of industrial production process automation degree,load cells has become to be a necessary device in process control,and now they can be used to weigh large tank,hopper ,crane scale,scar scale and other measurement and control system.At present,load cells are applied to almost all weighing systems.Here I take electronical counting scale for example.

    As is knowm to all,electronical counting scale is very popular at present,and it will gradually replace the traditional rod and mechanical scale.Electronical counting scale has a significant feature in platform structure:a considerable scale platform,only a designed load cell is fixed in the middle to bear the full weight of the material,just is shown as the figure 1 below:

                                                                           Figure1:internal structure diagram of electronical counting scale

   The structure of the load cell that we usually used for electronical counting scale is shown on Figure 2,Figure 2 (a) is double ellipital hole elastomer,the scale pan is fixed by two screw holes on the end of cantilever beam;Figure 2 (b) is boossom type four-hole elastomer,the scale pan is fixed by three screw holes on the side of the cantilever beam,and compensation strain gauge is pasted on the middle pole.These two types load cell are used very frequently in electronical counting scale.Figure 2 (c) is three-beam bending elastomer,adopts bending stress and is sensitive in responsing weight,so it is suitable for  counting scale with small measure range;Figure 2 (d) is three-beam shear elastomer,adopts shear stess in the middle of shear beam,so it is suitable for counting scale with measure range of hundreds kilograms.

    Figure 3 below is the circuit block diagram of electronical counting scale:

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