load cell composition

- Mar 26, 2011-

The composition of strain gauge load cell

Resistive strain gauges, elastomers, and sensing circuits are indispensable parts of a strain gauge load cell.

  • Resistive strain gauge

A resistance wire is mechanically distributed on the base that is made by organic material,wich forms a piece of resistive strain gauge.

  •  Elastomer

The elastomer is the structure with special shape.It has two functions,first of all,it bears the external force that the load cell must bear,and produces reaction force to the external force,to achieve a relatively static balance;secondly,it will produce a high quality strain field (area), making the resistance strain gauge pasted on this area ideally complete  the task of converting electrical signals.

  • Sensing circuits

The function of the detection circuit is to change the resistance of the resistance strain gauge into voltage output. Because the Wheatstone bridge has many advantages, such as suppressing the influence of temperature changes,suppressing lateral force interference, and it can be more convenient to solve the compensation problem of the load cell, therefore the Wheatstone bridge is widely used for load cells.

Because the full bridge type arm bridge the highest sensitivity, the arm parameters are consistent, the impact of various interference easily offset each other,so all load cells adopt full bridge type.

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