Load cell working

- Oct 15, 2012-

The working principle of load cell

 As is known to all,a load cell is composed by resistance strain gauge,elastomer(body,usually the material is alloy aluminum,or alloy steel,or stainless steel), and the sensing circuits.So how about the working principle of the load cell? 

  • During the process of measurement,when the weight is loaded onto the elastic body of a load cell,the body will cause plastic deformation.The strains(positive and negative) will be converted to electronical signals by the strain gauge that is mounted on the elastic body.(refer to the figure below)

  • For different load cells with different structures,such as bending beam,shear beam,S type,spoke type or column type,the amount of strain gauge will be different,too.For example,the simplest bending beam load cell,just one piece of strain gauge is enough.

  • Typically speaking,the elastomer and the strain gauge can be combined by various way,for exaple,a shell,or a sealing part,etc.can be used to protect the strain gauge.

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