notes while using load cell

- Mar 16, 2012-

Notes While Using Load Cell

    A load cell actually is a device that converts quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output.Using a load cell,firstly you must consider the operating environment,which is essential for the correct selection of the weight sensor, it relates to the sensor can work properly and its safety and life, and even the reliability and safety of the whole weighing instrument.

  • The load cell must be handled carefully,especially for the small capacity load cell made by alloy aluminum,any impact or drop may cause great damage to its metering performance.For large capacity resistance strain gauge load cell,generally speaking,it has large weight itself,so it requires lifting equipment(such as chain hoists,electric hoist,etc.) while handling and installation.

  • The surface of the base where the load cell will be installed on,must be smooth,clean and without any oil film or film.The mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity,generally speaking,it must be higher in strength and rigidity than the load cell.

  • The mounting surface of one single load cell mounting base must be level adjusted using a spirit level;the mounting surface of multiple load cells must be tried to adjust to a level using a water level gauge,this is especially important if there are more than 3 load cells.The main purpose of this is to make sure the load for each load cell is the same.

  • The loading direction for each load cell is determined,so when we use it,we must load in this direction.Lateral force,additional bending monent and torue force must be avoided.

  • There must be "baffle" around the load cell,and even a thin metal plate to cover up the load cell is necessary.The purpose of this will prevent debris to tarnish the load cell or some movable part,and just this "tarnish" may affect the accuracy of the load cell.

  • Although the load cell has a certain overload capacity,but when install it,please pay attention to the overload.It should be noticed that even short time overload may cause permanent damage to the load cell.Therefore,during the process of installation,if necessary,please use a block,whose height is the same as the load cell,to instead of the load cell,and replace the load cell in the end.

  • While using a load cell,strong heat radiation,especially strong heat radiation on one side,must be avoided.

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