Pressure sensor introduction

- Jan 08, 2013-

Pressure sensor introduction

     There are many types of pressure sensor,and aslo the performance is very different,too.So how to choose a more suitable pressure sensor,to achieve economically and reasonablely?

  • 1.Rated pressure range

    Rated pressure range means the pressure range that can meet the standard value.That is,between the highest and lowest pressure,the output of the sensor accords with the provision  operating pressure range.In the practical application,the measured pressure must in this range.Now the highest pressure that the sensor can measure can reach to 300MPA or more.

  • 2.Max. pressure range

    The maximum pressure range refers to the maximum pressure that the sensor can withstand for a long time and do not cause a permanent change in the output characteristics.Semiconductor pressure sensor,in particular,in order to improve linearity and temperature characteristic,is generally significantly reduced the rated pressure range.Therefore,the sensor can't be damaged even if it is used continuously above the rated pressure range.Generally,the maximum pressure is 2 to 3 times of the rated pressure.

  • 3.Damage pressure


    Damage pressure refers to the maximum pressure that can process on the sensor but the sensor or the compenents won't be damaged.

  • 4.Linearity

    Linearity refers to the maximum deviation of the linear relationship between sensor output and pressure within working pressure range.

  • 5.Pressure hysteresis

    Under room temperature and working pressure range,when the minimum working pressure and the maximum working pressure approach to a certain pressure,the difference of sensor output is pressure hysteresis.

  • 6.Temperature range

    The temperature range pf pressure sensor can be divided into compensation temperature range and operating temperature range.The compensation temperature range,because of the temperature compensation , is the temperature range when the precision is in rated range;operating pressure range is the temperature range that can ensure the pressure sensor will work normally.

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