S type tension load cell

- Sep 12, 2016-

S type tension load cell


    S-type load cell is the most common sensor , it is mainly used to measure the tension between the solid and the pressure, general also known as the pull pressure sensor, because it looks like the shape of S.The QH-3 series load cells are customary S-type load cell, the material can be alloy aluminum, alloy steel or stainless steel,with plastic seal protection treatment, easy to install, easy to use, they are suitable for hanging scales, batching scales, machine scales and other electronic measuring force weighing system.


    Load cell is based on the principle that an elastomer (elastic element, sensitive beam) 

is elastically deformed by an external force so that the resistance strain gauges (conversion 

elements) attached to the surface are deformed along with deformation of the resistance strain

gauge, The value will change (increase or decrease), and then the corresponding measurement 

circuit to change this resistance into electrical signals (voltage or current),thus completing

the process of converting external forces into electrical signals.


Measure range: 5,10,20,30,100,200,300,500 kg, 1,2,3,5,10,15,20 t

Accuracy class: C2,C3

Insulation resistance: (MΩ) ≥5000 (100VDC)

Combined error (% F.S): 0.03%FS

Excitation voltage (V): 9 ~ 12 (DC)

Sensitivity (mV / V) :2.0 ± 0.02

Temperature compensation range (℃) :-10 ~ +40

Nonlinearity (% F.S) :0.03

Operating temperature range (℃): -35 ~ +65

Zero point temperature effect (% F.S / 10 ° C) :0.03

Repeatability (% F.S): 0.01

Sensitivity Temperature Effect :(% F.S / 10 ° C) 0.03

Creep (% F.S / 30 min) :0.02

Safety overload range (% F.S): 150

Zero output (% F.S): ± 1

Limit overload range (% F.S) :200

Input Impedance (Ω) :700 ± 7

Protection class :IP65,IP66,IP67

Output Impedance (Ω) 700 ± 7 

Electrical connection:

Excitation+ red     Excitation- black   Signal+ green   Signal- white

Four-core shielded cable with polyethylene. Cable is not connected with elastomer.

Cable length:3m(the cable length can be customized)

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