wire connection of load cell

- Feb 20, 2017-

Wire Connection of Load Cell

There are two ways of wire connection for load cell:4 wires and 6 wires connection

(1)4 wires connection

    Excitation+  red          Excitation- black 

    Signal+ green              Signal- white

QYE-wire connection(4-wire).jpg

                                       Figure 1:   4-wires connection

(2)6 wires connection

    Excitation(EXC)+ green    Excitation(EXC)- black 

    Signal(SIG)+white     Signal(SIG)-red 

    Feedback(EXN)+blue Feedback(EXN)-grey

QYE-wire connection(6-wire).jpg


                                      Figure 2:   6-wires connection

(3)The difference between 4-wire conection and 6-wire connection:

    A load cell can be used two different input and output wiring methods:one is 4-wire connection method(as is shown in Figure 1),and the other one is 6-wire connection method(as is shown in Figure 2).4-wire connection of the load cell has no special requirements for secondary instrument,so it is convenient to use,but when the cable is longer,it will be easily influenced by the change of environmental temperature;6-wire connection of the load cell requires the supporting secondary instrument must have feedback input interface,its range of application is limited,but it can't be influenced by the change of environmental temperature,so it has certain advantage for the precision measurement and long-distance measurement.

    4-wire connection is used more frequently in weighing equipment.If you want to connect 6-wire load cell to a 4-wire device,you can connect feedback + and excitation + together,and feedback - and excitation - together.Signal wire must be paid attention to:the corresponding output signal of red and white in two types load cell will be different.

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