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- Jun 15, 2018-

Digital Load Cell

Digital weighing sensor and digital measuring instrument technology development has gradually become the latest must-haves in the weighing technology, its easy to debug the advantages of the high efficiency, ability to adapt to the scene is in the field.

Compared with analog sensor, the following characteristics of digital weighing sensor are better to meet the requirements of process control:

  •  High reliability, strong anti-jamming ability and good lightning protection performance

  • The analog sensor is powered by the instrument and the excitation voltage of the bridge is equal to the power supply of the external instrument. In the industrial site, between the instrument and the sensor are susceptible to strong electrical interference and surge, resulting in unstable data and even instantaneous burning of the sensor.

  • The digital sensor adopts all-sealed stainless steel laser welding technology, and the inner - filled helium gas protects the internal circuit to work reliably, and the protection level reaches IP68. Added all kinds of protection circuit and lightning protection design, power supply provided by the instrument for processing first, stabilized and then used in the bridge excitation, eliminates the surge interference from power and lightning, the sensor output and stable signal, guarantee the normal work of the sensor.

  • uninterrupted work Digital weighing system can ensure the continuity of production, the realization of continuous work, instrument not only monitor the working condition of all digital sensors, and the discovery of a sensor failure, the instrument can automatically start non-stop work, still can guarantee a certain time under a certain accuracy of weighing, unapt cause production downtime. At the same time, the instrument will send out signal to the user and locate the fault sensor to request replacement.

  • Once the sensor has a fault, the analog sensor system can not be weighed, thus causing the major event of shutdown.

It is very difficult to calibrate the production site, and many can be difficult to add weight or can not be used to calibrate the weight, and the use of digital sensor can be used for the calibration. This is because the digital sensors in production, has a standard load machine to the calibration of the sensor output, the output of the digital quantity and standard value is one-to-one, meter reading is the digital sensor actual measured weight value, no any loss, so you can get free calibration.

The analog sensor and the weighing instrument is respectively in the production of each calibration, in every link of the weighing system of attachment of simulation will be the loss of signal, the last measure of the signal is not completely equal to the sensor output signal, so the application must be carried out on-site calibration of the system.

The transmission distance communication speed and fast anti-cheating effect is remarkable

The mv level signal of the analogue sensor is too small and is susceptible to rf interference and electromagnetic interference. And in transmission, because of the cable resistance, the loss of the cable resistance, so the signal transmission distance is short. It is extremely easy and difficult to control.

Digital sensor output digital signal, not only the level analog one hundred times more, less susceptible to interference, and it is in accordance with the Bifbus field bus communication protocol transmission, communication speed is ten times the ordinary RS485, high speed and communication error correction ability, guaranteed the rapid and reliable data. The confidentiality of the agreement cannot be cheated.

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