Load Cell Classification

- May 31, 2017-

  • Load Cell Classification according to the Shape:

The load cell is actually a device that converts the quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. The sensor should be considered in the actual working environment of the sensor, which is essential for the correct selection of the load cell, it relates to the sensor can work properly and its safety and service life, and even the entire instrument reliability and safety Sex. In the load cell main technical indicators of the basic concepts and evaluation methods, the old and new GB quality differences. There are several types of S-type, single point type, spoke type, plate ring type, shear beam type, bridge type, column type and so on.

Classification according to the shape:

Weighing sensor according to the shape is divided into the following types:

1) Bridge type load cell:usually used for truck scale,railway scale,such as QH-41A,QH-41AQH-43A,QH-43B,QH-46.These models are large capacities load cells,usually 5t to 50t.

QH-43A picture.jpgQH-43A picture.jpg

2) Single shear beam type load cell:usually used for floor scale,hopper scale,truck scale,such as QH-21,QH-21B,QH-21C,QH-21D,QH-22.The accessoies are weighing module,supporting foot and head.

load+cell+with+weigh+modules.jpgsupporting foot.jpg head-load cell.jpg

         weighing module                      supporting foot                 head

3) Column type load cell:usually used for truck scale,railway scale,floor scale,such as QH-71A,

QH-71B,QH-72,QH-72A.These must be upper and lower head or weighing module when install these load cells.

QH-72 picture.jpg   weighing module-column load cell.jpg       upper and kower head.jpg

column type load cell                      weighing module              upper and lower head

4) S type load cell,aslo can be called tension load cell,usually used for crane scale,hopper scale,such as our model QH-31,QH-31B,QH-32,QH-32B,QH-33.The capacity always is 5kg to 10t.

QH-31B picture.jpg  Joint shaft for S type load cell.jpg   lifting hook for S type load cell.jpg   The lever type for S load cell.jpg

S type load cell              Joint shaft                Lifting hook                 the lever type

5) Single point load cell:usually used for platform scale,counting scale,kitchen scale.The material of these load cells is alloy aluminum and the capacity is very small,always is 1kg to 1000kg,all of our QL-1 series and QL-5 series load cells are this type.

QL-12A picture.jpg

6) Bellows type load cell:usually used for platform scale,hopper scale,and the capacity id 5kg to 500kg,such as our model QH-23.

QH-23 .jpg     weighing module-bellows type load cell.jpg

Bellows type load cell                weighing module

7) Spoke type load cell:usually used for testing machine,storage scale,truck scale and railway scale,the capacity is 1t to 300t,such as our model QH-61A,QH-61B,QH-61C,QH-61D,QH-62,etc.

QH-61A picture.jpg     QH-61D picture .jpg    

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