Load Cell Easy To Install

- Oct 25, 2017-

The standard beam sensor can achieve the performance of the homing, which makes it possible to manufacture high-precision container scales. The structure form of the pendulum support can reach the deviation of 3 ° without obvious error,and the horizontal displacement of the support point can be limited to a certain range. Most ZPL-type pendulum support consists of two supporting seats and one piece of cylindrical support, which can meet the requirements of ZPS type Swing support only column support and EPO3 pressure head.

The loading point of the pendulum support in displacement is slightly raised relative to the starting point. The response force, which returns the system back to its original state,is therefore considered to be the homing support and the pendulum support seat.

They are also proved to be easy to install, and it is unnecessary to tighten the guide rods on the sides of the container or platform. It is recommended that you limit the lateral offset through end-to-end offset protection.As with the application of elastic support, in order to secure the need to ensure that the container has uplift protection and fall protection.

The multiple ball supports allow the lateral displacement of the support point to be larger, such as the horizontal deformation of the vessel caused by the change of temperature or the pressure of the inner cavity. The multi ball support is mounted on the sensor's support,and the sensor is supported on the multi ball support with the center pin in the assembly, and it can maintain the vertical load under the larger lateral displacement. When using multiple ball supports, the load is imported onto the sensor mount point through the EPO part (platen). It allows maximum horizontal displacement depending on the rated load of the sensor,approximately between ±10 mm and ±25 mm. The maximum allowable lateral force can reach 0.5% of the rated load. Because the multiple-ball support does not have the characteristics of the reset, it is necessary to attach a high quality guide rod to fix it.

In the application of multiple ball support must be noted that before the delivery of the use of multiple ball support on the upper plate of the fastening bolts,replaced by a shorter sealing bolts. The multiple ball support with a fastening bolt does not allow the lateral offset to become a fixed support.The support gap, which is possible through multiple ball support, should not be restricted.

The traditional weighing apparatus makes the structure of the mechanical scale as the highest precision. On the electronic weighing apparatus, "cone tip" and "cone seat",equivalent to the mechanical scale "edge". This installation accessory is especially suitable for the weighing field of high-precision requirements. But this application is very sensitive to dynamic loads or vibrations.

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