Load Cell Important Factor

- Jun 01, 2017-

  • What is a weighing sensor? 

A weighing sensor is actually a device that converts a mass signal into a measurable output of an electrical signal. Weighing sensor to take into account the actual working environment of the sensor, it is related to the weighing sensor can work as well as safety and service life, even the entire weighing apparatus reliability and security.

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Error for the precision of the instrument is existing, but the error size of the problem, then the weighing sensor in our use of the error produced by what types?

1, weighing the use of the sensor error is the operator, which also means that there are many reasons, for example, the temperature does not happen at the same time, Load Cell includes the probe to place the fault or the probe and the measurement address between the improper insulation, other application errors include air or other gases in the process of purification of the fault, the use of errors also touched the fault of the transmitter, so positive or negative pressure will affect the correct reading.

2, the characteristic mistake is inherent to the equipment, it is the difference between the equipment, the accepted characteristic of transporting function and the real characteristic, Load Cell this kind of mistake includes the DC drift value, the slant incorrect or the slant's non-linear.

3, dynamic error: Many of the sensor's characteristics and calibration are applicable to static conditions, this means that the input parameters used are static or similar to static, many of the sensors have strong damping, so they do not respond to the changes in the input parameters, such as, Load Cell thermistor demand for a number of seconds to echo the step change in temperature.

4, Thermistor will not immediately jump to the new impedance, or a sudden change, on the contrary, it is slowly changed to the new value, and then, if the delay characteristics of the weighing sensor to the temperature of the rapid changes in the echo, the output waveform will be distorted, Load Cell due to the dynamic error. The factors of dynamic error are echo time, amplitude distortion and phase distortion.

5, insertion error is when the system into a sensor, due to change the measurement parameters and errors occurred, the common is in the electronic measurement will present such problems, but in other methods of measurement will also present similar problems, for example, a voltmeter in the loop to measure the voltage, it will certainly have a natural impedance, than the loop impedance is much larger, Load Cell perhaps the circuit load, at this time, reading will have a great error, this type of error occurred in the reason is the use of a system (such as, pressure system) too large a transmitter; perhaps the dynamic nature of the system is too slow, and perhaps the system is loaded with too much heat from the heat.

6, environmental error comes from the use of the sensor environment, weighing sensor elements include temperature, or swing, sensation, elevation, chemical evaporation or other elements, which often affect the characteristics of the sensor, so in practice, these elements are always sorted together.

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