Load Cell Advantages and Disadvantages

- Sep 25, 2015-

  • Load Cell Advantages and Disadvantages:

The load cell is actually a device that transforms a quality signal into a measurable electrical signal. With sensor should first consider the actual work environment, it is very important to correctly choose the weighing sensor, it is related to sensor can work normally and its safety and service life, and even the whole weighing apparatus of the reliability and security. In the basic concept and evaluation method of the main technical indexes of weighing sensor, the new old country is marked with qualitative difference. There are mainly S-type,  wheel(spoke) type ,shear beam type, single point type, bridge type, column type, etc.

The main advantages:

Resistance, inductance and capacitance is the three types of passive components in electronic technology, capacitive sensor is converting by measuring the change of the change of capacitance sensor, it is essentially a capacitor with variable parameters.

Capacitive sensor has the following advantages:

(1) high impedance, low power, with very low input energy.

(2) the larger change can be obtained, thus having higher signal-to-noise ratio and system stability.

(3) the dynamic response is fast, the working frequency can reach a few megahertz, thick b contact measurement, the measured material is a conductor or a semiconductor.

(4) simple structure. Strong adaptability, can work in high temperature, strong radiation and other harsh environment, the application is wide.

With the development of electronic technology and computer technology, the capacitive sensor are susceptible to interference and affected by the distributed capacitance, etc faults constantly overcome, but also developed A capacity grating displacement sensor and integrated capacitive sensor: it in non-electric quantity measurement and is widely used in automatic detection, can measure the pressure, displacement, speed, acceleration, A degree, thickness, parameters such as liquid level, humidity, vibration, component content. Capacitive sensors have a promising prospect.

Main disadvantages:

Defect one: high impedance, poor load capacity

Fault two: output characteristics are non-linear

Defect three: parasitic capacitance affects large

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