Load Cell Sealability

- Oct 09, 2017-

Load cell is used to measure weight and are an integral part of our everyday life. It can be found everywhere, for example on supermarket counters or on freeways. Of course, you usually can not recognize immediately because they are hidden in the instrument.

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Load cell usually consists of a strain gauge elastomer.The elastomer is usually made of steel or aluminum. It is very strong and has very little elasticity. As the term "elastomer" states, steel or aluminum produces a certain amount of deformation under load, but then returns to its original position and responds elastically to each load. These tiny changes can be obtained using strain gauges.Deformation of the strain gauge by the interpretation of electronic equipment to determine the weight.

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They are electrical conductors that are firmly attached to the substrate in a meandering manner. When the substrate is pulled it will be longer with the electrical conductor.Shortens as it contracts. This will result in a change of resistance in the electrical conductor. The strain can be determined on this basis because the electrical resistance decreases as the strain increases and shrinks accordingly.

There are many types of load cells, suitable for different applications. Commonly used include:

Many load cells have other features, such as special designs or features, depending on the application, for example, if the system needs to be thoroughly cleaned daily. Load Cell requires higher degree of protection and sealing.

The load cells can also be classified according to the type of signal transmission: The digital load cells have built-in electronics for processing the measurement results and displaying and transmitting them. For analog load cells, additional equipment is needed - a measuring amplifier.

Each substance changes with temperature, expands with temperature, and shrinks with temperature. The same applies to load cells and strain gauges,which also affect the resistance of the conductor.

Strain based load cells have a very wide range of applications. With more than 20 years of experience in load cell development,QYE electronic company continues to develop new solutions to meet future needs.

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