Load Cell Structure

- Sep 07, 2017-

  • Load Cell Structure:

Load cells have variety structures,according to the different structures,load cells can be devided into bridge type load cell,single-ended sehar beam load cell,bellows type load cell,S type load cell and column type load cell.

1) Bridge type load cell:this type load cell always is used in truck scale,railway scale and so on,the structure is like below:

QH-43B picture.jpg

2)single-ended sehar beam load cell:one side is fixed and the other side is loaded.It is easy to install and convenient to use.

QH-21B with foot.jpg

3)bellows type load cell:it is bending beam type load cell,adopting metal corrugated pipe welding-sealed form and inert gas inside.It can bear tension and compression,anti-overload,anti-fatigue and has good ability in anti partial load.These load cells can applied to electronic belt scale,hopper scale,platform scale,etc.

QH-23 .jpg

4) S type load cell:it is one of the most common load cell,mainly used for measuring tension and conpression,and usually people call it tensile load cell.Because its shape is like S,we always call it S load cell,too.The material of such load cell is alloy steel or stainless steel,glue-sealed,it is easy to install and convenient to use,and suitable for crane scale,batching scale,hopper scale and so on.

QH-31B picture.jpg

5)Column load cell:because its shape just like a column,so we call it column load cell.

QH-71B picture.jpg

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