Load Cell The Choice Of Accessories

- May 11, 2018-

The Choice Of Accessories for Load Cell 

The use of mounting accessories to assemble the sensor's criteria is to eliminate a wide range of interference. And therefore require specific installation attachments depending on the application. However,in the final analysis, only the weighing engineers know the design engineers to determine the interference in the measurement process. So the different sensor structure, not only a wide range of load introduction,there are a variety of options for the installation of accessories.

A typical elastomeric support is a plurality of overlapping plates and layers that are interconnected by a vulcanization process. A small force also moves the top and bottom load guides in parallel. So the top support plate can avoid lateral force, and not to the sensor under the support plate additional force. The horizontal translation between the container and the sensor can be up to 15 mm. At the same time, in the translation of the return force, so that the container back to the starting point, the force has nothing to do with the load,and is proportional to the translation distance, according to the elastic support model up to 800 Newton, this support can balance tilt up to 1.7 ° Of the container.

This is a sensor designed to autonomously return to the starting point when the weight is loaded with eccentricity, where the physical characteristics of the stable balance are utilized. The sensor as a rocker occupies a load guide surface with a radius of curvature greater than the sensor height.The swing of the initial position causes the load point to rise, thus allowing the sensor to be self-centered.

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