Load Cell The Criteria

- Jul 10, 2017-

  • The Criteria of Load Cell:

When weighing containers or monitoring the filling state,the horizontal movement of the containers and brackets due to temperature changes must be taken into account. Rigid mounting accessories prevent this movement and eventually produce horizontal lateral forces,resulting in measurement errors.This force sometimes causes the sensor to be damaged or even completely broken. This may occur at the load loading point where the eccentric load or the oblique load may produce torque and lateral forces,so the structure of the horizontal force to avoid temperature deformation or other factors is chosen.

The use of mounting accessories to assemble the sensor's criteria is to eliminate a wide range of interference. And therefore require the installation of specific accessories depending on the application. However,in the final analysis, only the design engineers weighing the weighing technology can determine the interference in the measurement process. So the different sensor structure,not only a wide range of load introduction,there are a variety of options to install accessories.


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