Miniature Load Cell Apply

- Sep 09, 2016-

Micro Sensor:

Application: the micro sensor is the most successful and most practical micro electromechanical devices, mainly including micro mechanical deformation of the diaphragm produce electrical signal output of the miniature pressure sensor and the micro acceleration sensor; In addition, there are micro load cell,micro pressure sensor,micro-temperature sensors, magnetic field sensors, gas sensors, and so on. The areas of these microsensors are mostly under 1 mm2.Our company,Hanzhong Quanyuan Electronic Co.,Ltd,is mainly in manufacturing and selling load cells and pressure sensors.

QY sensor QP-88B.jpgQH-C5  5kg.jpg

With the further development of microelectronic processing technology, especially nano-processing technology, sensor technology will evolve from micro sensor to nanometer sensor. These tiny sensor is small in size, it can realize many new features, easy to mass production and high precision, piece of low cost, easy to form large-scale and multifunctional array, these characteristics make them very suitable for automotive applications.

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