Miniature Load Cell Basis

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Because digital weighing technology is used, there is a great difference between the form and the traditional analogue truck scale. 

First of all, the Digital truck scale instrument (or computer) and the interface between the sensors belong to the digital communication interface (generally RS485 communication mode), the instrument directly received is the sensor sent digital signal, transmission line length of up to 1200m. The interface between the ordinary analog truck scale instrument and the sensor belongs to the analog interface. The instrument first receives the analog signal of the sensor and then converts it to a/d before it can be processed further, and the transmission distance is generally ($number) m. 

Secondly, because the digital truck scale receives is the digital signal, adjusts the angle difference directly in the instrument through the software to handle,but does not resemble the analog truck scale, needs to adjust the junction box potentiometer to achieve the adjustment angle difference goal. These obvious differences, determine the digital truck scale in the installation and commissioning of a number of advantages in the simulation of the car scale, in the installation and use more convenient.

Digital sensor System is a new kind of electronic weighing technology, which is developed with the integration of modern microelectronics and micro-computer technology on the basis of traditional resistance strain sensors. It is composed of analog sensor (resistor strain) and digital conversion module.Digital module by the highly integrated electronic circuit, using SMT surface mount technology, mainly including amplifiers, A/D converter, microprocessor (CPU), Memory, interface Circuit (RS485) and digital temperature sensor.

Digital sensor adopts integrated A/D conversion circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filtering technology, sensor signal transmission distance, up to 1200m,anti-interference ability, digital sensors within the transmission distance of the analog signal is very short, while the Sensor shell (elastomer) itself is a good shielding cover, Only these two characteristics determine the advantages of anti-jamming ability, and improve the stability of the sensor to a great extent.

Confidentiality is good, with cheat-proof function, can effectively prevent the remote control cheating, once found will automatically take the error alarm, effectively guarantee the data security and accuracy.

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