Miniature Load Cell

- Aug 02, 2017-

Detailed description of miniature load cell:

   Miniature load cells alway adopt alloy aluminum to manufacture,the dimension is very smalll but the auucracy is very high.they are widely used for micro electronic balance,micro force test,kitchen scale,jewelry scale,pricing scale,postal scale,fishing scale,portable scale,body scale,bathroom scale,personel scale and so on.(The following pictures are several of our main miniature load cells QL-56,QH-C5,QL-55)

BE3A78EEB9F1E126855572CCC5AB719D.jpg  QH-C5-50KG picture 2.jpg  QL-55(II)picture.jpg

    Because of these load cells are small in volume,light in weight and easy in installation,they are suitable for small occasion.

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