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- May 31, 2017-

Load Cell Mounting

The characteristics of the load cell include: miniaturization,digitization, intelligence, multi-functional, systematic, network, it not only promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also may establish a new industry,thus becoming the 21st century new Economic growth point. Miniaturization is based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology,has been successfully applied in the silicon device made of silicon pressure sensor.

Close to the sensor project, is to replace the limit switch and other contact detection methods to contact the detection of objects without the purpose of the sensor for the purpose of the general term.

The proximity sensor project is a very important member of the sensor family and is widely used in industry. Although the price of a single sensor is not very high,but the general factory is the bulk needs, so close to the sensor is also a great market. 

Before the domestic proximity sensor project, imported proximity sensors due to expensive, long supply cycle so can not meet the needs of many customers, many domestic factories want to find the domestic proximity sensor.In this case a lot of sensor manufacturers began to produce close to the sensor, at first, the introduction of foreign machinery and talent to imitate the import of proximity sensors, but with the development of domestic sensor technology, now has a lot of independent brands close to the sensor, To a large extent already able to meet the needs of the country.

Weighing sensor should be around to set some "baffle",even with a thin metal plate to cover the sensor. This prevents the debris from defusing the sensor and some of the movable parts, and this "contamination" tends to cause the movable part to be unhappy and affect the weighing accuracy. The system has no movement of the phenomenon, you can use the following methods to determine. That is, on the scale platform plus or minus about one thousandth of the rated load to see whether the weighing indicator is reflected,there is a reflection that the movable part of the "pollution."

                                   load cell mounting with screw.gif

Although the load cell has a certain overload capacity, but in the weighing system installation process, should still prevent the sensor overload. It should be noted that even a short period of time overload, may also cause permanent damage to the sensor. In the installation process, if necessary,you can first use a sensor and other height of the pad instead of the sensor, to the end, then the sensor replaced. In normal operation, the sensor should generally set the overload protection of the mechanical structure. If the screw is used to fix the sensor,a certain tightening torque is required, and the screw should have a certain threading depth.In general, the fixed screw is made of high strength screw.

                                      load cell mounting .gif

The load cell is made of metal resistance strain gauge to measure the bridge,and the principle of increasing the thickness of the metal resistance wire under the action of tension is the effect of the increase of the resistance, that is, the effect of the change of the metal resistance with the strain.

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