Miniature Load Cell The Development Of Technology

- Dec 07, 2016-

Digital load cell application in the field of truck scale/Digital Junction Box

Digital load cell is a kind of digital weighing instrument, it has certain application in the fields of industry, chemical industry, machine tool, electronics, electric power, petroleum, medicine, scientific research and so on. With the development of digital load cell technology, the digital load cell technology has been greatly improved, and has already emerged in the weighing technology.

   Digital truck scale because of the use of digital weighing technology, composition and traditional analog truck scale there is a big difference. 

  • First of all, the interface between the digital truck scale instrument (or computer) and the sensor belongs to the digital communication interface (usually RS485 communication mode).The meter directly receives the digital signal from the sensor and the transmission line length can reach 1200m. The common analog car scale between the instrument and the sensor interface is an analog interface. The meter first receives the analog signal of the sensor,and then performs A / D conversion on it before further processing. The transmission distance is usually (20-30) m.

  • Secondly, because the digital truck scale receives the digital signal, the adjustment of the angular difference is processed directly by software in the meter. Unlike the analog truck scale, the potentiometer in the junction box needs to be adjusted to achieve the purpose of adjusting the angular difference . These obvious differences, determine the digital truck scale installation and commissioning there are many superior to the analog truck scale place, in the installation and use more convenient.

Digital Junction Box is the English name of Digital J-Box, followed by analog sensor "J-BOX" junction box name. The junction box of the analog sensor is the device that really plays the role of wiring. The general digital junction box includes the basic functions of the indicator, such as amplification, digital / analog conversion and data transmission. The digital junction box can be regarded as Weighing display without display. In addition, some digital junction boxes can also display weighing values today. Therefore, there is no clear boundary between digital junction box and weighing indicator.However, compared with the weighing controller used in industry, the digital junction box has only the communication interface but no control signal input and output. It is connected to a dedicated display or computer only through the communication interface RS485 or RS232.

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