Parallel Beam Load Cell Principle

- Apr 12, 2017-

  • Parallel Beam Load Cell Working Principles:

Parallel beam load cell correction by the four corners error to ensure that the load in the rated load within the point of the same point. It is applicable to the use of packaging scales, electronic belt scales, solid, liquid flow scales, body scales, batching scales, scales and fine chemical scale scales.

Parallel beam sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors in the load cell, widely used in electronic scales, kitchen scales, jewelry scales and other industries,and agricultural automation system. It uses aluminum alloy material, colorless anodized and sealant,and mainly applicable to electronic price scale, weight scale and other small table electronic scales.

  • Working Principles:

The parallel beam sensor is based on the principle that the elastomer (elastic element, sensitive beam) is elastically deformed under external forces so that the resistance strain gauge (switching element) pasted on its surface also deforms with the strain gauge The resistance will change (increase or decrease), and then the corresponding measurement circuit to convert this resistance into electrical signals (voltage or current), thus completing the external force into the process of electrical signals.

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Considering the influence of the strategy acceleration and the air buoyancy on the conversion, the performance index of the parallel beam sensor mainly includes linearity error, hysteresis error, repeatability error, creep, zero temperature characteristic and sensitivity temperature characteristic.

Parallel beam sensor has the advantages of high precision, wide measurement range, long life, simple structure, good frequency response characteristics, can work in harsh conditions, easy to achieve miniaturization, integration and variety diversification. Its shortcomings are for large strain has a large non-linear, the output signal is weak, but can take some compensation measures. So it is widely used in automatic test and control technology.

  • Installation method

First prepare two plates, the material and size to be set as needed. Hold the eye in accordance with the sensor's retaining hole; prepare the four screws, the screw cap, and the lower pad. The sensor as for between the two plates, with the hexagon socket screws and the parallel beam load cell fixed firmly. The upper plate fixes one end of the sensor, and the lower plate fixes the other end of the sensor. Fixed when the upper and lower plate and the sensor should be added between the pre-prepared gasket, so as to be able to make the sensor hanging force. Finally, the pad and other components are fixed to complete the sensor installation.

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