Pressure Sensor Commonly Used Accelerometers

- Sep 27, 2017 -

A wide range of mechanical sensors, such as resistance strain gauge pressure sensors, semiconductor strain gauge pressure sensors, piezoresistive pressure sensors, inductive pressure sensors, capacitive pressure sensors, resonant pressure sensors and capacitive speed sensors. But the most widely used is the piezoresistive pressure sensor, it has a very low price and high accuracy and better linear characteristics. Pressure Sensor Here we mainly introduce this type of sensor.

In understanding the piezoresistive force sensor, Pressure Sensor we first understand the resistance strain gauge this component. A strain gauge is a sensitive device that converts a strain change on a DUT into an electrical signal. It is one of the main components of a piezoresistive strain sensor. Resistance strain gauges are the most used metal resistance strain gauge and semiconductor strain gauge two. Pressure Sensor Metal resistance strain gauge and wire strain gauge and metal foil strain gauge two. Usually the strain gauges are tightly adhered to the mechanical strain matrix by means of a special adhesive. When the stress of the substrate changes, the strain gauges are also deformed together to change the resistance of the strain gages, Pressure Sensor The voltage applied to the resistor changes. This strain gauge in the force when the resistance changes are usually smaller, the general strain gauges are composed of strain bridge, and through the subsequent instrumentation amplifier amplification, and then transmitted to the processing circuit (usually A / D conversion And CPU) display or actuator.

Piezoelectric sensors are mainly used in the measurement of acceleration, pressure and force. Piezoelectric acceleration sensor is a commonly used accelerometer. Pressure Sensor It has a simple structure, small size, light weight, long life and other excellent features. Piezoelectric accelerometers have been widely used in vibration and shock measurements of aircraft, automobiles, ships, bridges and buildings, especially in the aerospace and aerospace fields. Piezoelectric sensors can also be used to measure the internal combustion pressure measurement and vacuum measurement. Can also be used in the military industry, for example, Pressure Sensor to use it to measure the gun guns in the chamber in the moment of the changes in the chamber pressure and muzzle shock wave pressure. It can be used to measure large pressure, Pressure Sensor can also be used to measure the small pressure.

Piezoelectric sensors are also widely used in biomedical measurements, Pressure Sensor such as ventricular catheter microphones are made by the piezoelectric sensor, because the measurement of dynamic pressure is so common, so the application of piezoelectric sensors is very extensive.

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