Pressure Sensor Maintain

- Oct 24, 2017-

In the modern development of today's sensor technology and the combination of computer technology has been out of control, a variety of emerging industries slowly developed, the pressure telemetry system is moving towards high intelligence, automation, high precision, low cost and miniaturization direction Pneumatic telemetry system is composed of terminal equipment and line equipment (pressure sensor, terminal equipment in the office, the role is to line equipment power supply) automatically measure, display and print the cable pressure. Line equipment is located on the line, which is converted into electrical signals sent to the terminal equipment, and line equipment is the main means of intake of air pressure information, it is in the air pressure telemetry system plays a decisive role. Therefore, the quality of the line equipment is good or bad, the level of accuracy, to reduce the maintenance workload and simplify the pressure test procedures are directly related.

Pressure sensor failure solution:

(1) Check the air condition of the cable.

(2) electronic means to measure the absolute pressure, so that the control of the state of the line more complete and continuous control.

(3) from the dynamic and static two aspects, you can pre-estimate the leakage point.

(4) to determine the changes in the pressure within the cable, which can be estimated when the inflatable Lu, that is, in the event of negative variables, you can determine the reduction in advance, thus determining the pressure sensor fault section of the final pressure value and the corresponding diffusion time.

Then the correct installation of the pressure sensor is as follows:

First of all, we have to determine the specific location of the pressure sensor installed, in order to determine the pressure sensor number and the specific installation location, according to the inflatable network to consider each inflatable section.

(1) For unbonded cables, the installation of the pressure sensor is not dry 500m and the total number of cables is not less than 4.

(2) In order to facilitate the determination of the pressure sensor failure point, in addition to the installation of the pressure sensor at the starting point, starting from the starting point of 150 ~ 200m, but also another installation of course, in the design, we must consider the economic and technical factors, Where the pressure sensor should be installed.

(3) The pressure sensor must be installed along the cable, preferably at the cable connector.

(4) each cable installed pressure sensor not less than 4, close to the telephone station of the two pressure sensors, the distance should not be large dry 200m.

(5) One end of each cable is installed at the beginning and end.

(6) Each branch of the cable should be installed one, if the two branch points closer (less than 100m), can only install one.

(7) cable laying (overhead, underground) change should be installed one

(8) Check the frequency response of the pressure sensor with the appropriate gauge at normal atmospheric pressure and standard temperature.

(9) Verify the correctness of the coding of the pressure sensor with the corresponding frequency response signal.

Along with the production of pneumatic telemetry equipment, pressure sensors are also used on cables. For the normal operation of the air pressure telemetry system, the pressure sensor needs to match with the pneumatic telemetry equipment to coordinate the work. From the air pressure telemetry system, the work of the way to points to "line selection plus point" and "line selection" two. Then the pressure sensor failure must refer to a reasonable solution in order to better remove the problem out. Then in a certain time to better solve the problem.

The invention of the pressure sensor brings great convenience to our modern life and production, but also improves work efficiency and productivity. It has become our close partner, whether it is automated control technology or pipeline stress test, or Weather forecast has a great role in promoting.

How to maintain a good pressure sensor, to extend its service life, the use of the process to make the data more accurate, and the stability of the data we need to solve the problem, let us from the following aspects of the pressure sensor maintenance:

(1) When measuring the liquid pressure, the suction port should be opened on the side of the pipe to avoid deposition of slag. The position of the sensor should be avoided by the impact of the liquid (water hammer phenomenon), so as to avoid damage to the sensor overpressure.

(2) the measurement of steam or other high temperature objects, need to take a buffer tube (coil) and other condenser, should not make the sensor operating temperature exceeds the limit.

(3) should prevent the dross from being deposited in the duct and the sensor is in contact with corrosive or overheated special body.

(4) frozen in winter, the installation of the sensor must be taken out of the anti-freeze measures to avoid the pressure inside the mouth of the liquid due to ice volume expansion, resulting in sensor damage

(5) The pressure pipe should be installed where the temperature fluctuates.

(6) When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof connector or around the pipe and tighten the seal nut to prevent rain and water from penetrating through the cable into the transmitter housing.

(7) When measuring gas pressure, the suction port should be opened at the top of the process piping and the sensor should be installed in the upper part of the process piping so that the accumulated liquid is easily injected into the process piping.

The maintenance of the pressure sensor is not only an accurate help to my data, but also the savings in the use of cost, maintenance of the sensor is certainly less than the maintenance of the sensor durable and will be better use.

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