Pressure Sensor Processing And Hart Treatment

- Jun 22, 2017-

  • Pressure transducer with Hart AGREEMENT

Pressure transducer is commonly used to measure the pressure of fluid, such as liquid, gas, and melt. It has good mechanical processing and hart treatment performance,strong compressive strength, affected by the temperature of small characteristics.

The output signal of the pressure sensor is usually the voltage signal of MV (MV). The size of the signal output is directly related to the voltage of the supply of the pressure sensor. Most sensor outputs are 1--2MVI. That is, when the pressure of the measured medium reaches the maximum nominal pressure of the sensor, Pressure Sensor the output signal is 1--2MV if the power supply of the sensor is 1V. Pressure Sensor Similarly, if the supply of the sensor is 10V, the output signal is 10--20mv.

QZP-S3 wire connection.png

Pressure sensor output signal commonly used are: 4--20ma, 0--20ma, B--5V, 1--5V, 0.5--4.5v, K--10V, RS485, RS232 and so on. The signal is standard, and the output size is proportional to the pressure of the measured medium. Within the rated voltage range, the output will not vary with the power supply. Commonly used inverter, PLC, control display instrument and so on, its signal receiving module can receive these kinds of standard signals.

Due to the constant vertical displacement of the pressure sensor in the whole pressure range, the change of the converter diffusion and the correction of the laser adjustment will produce the offset error.

Range, signal, connection thread, Pressure Sensor is to buy must be clear before the three major elements. After a sensor is done, these three elements can no longer be changed.

The error size is proportional to the pressure. If the sensitivity of the device is higher than the typical value, the sensitivity error will be the increment function of the pressure. If the sensitivity is lower than the typical value, then the sensitivity error will be the decreasing function of the pressure. The cause of the error lies in the change of the diffusion process.

In most cases, the lag error of the pressure sensor is negligible, because the silicon wafer has a high mechanical stiffness. The lag error is generally considered only in situations where the pressure varies greatly.

This is a factor that has little effect on the initial error of the pressure sensor, which is due to the physical nonlinearity of the silicon wafer, but the nonlinearity of the amplifier should also be included for the sensor with the amplifier. The linear error curve can be a concave curve or a convex curve weighing sensor.

Pressure sensor of this four error is unavoidable, we can only choose high-precision production equipment, the use of High-tech to reduce these errors, but also in the factory when a bit of error calibration, to do the greatest possible to reduce the error to meet customer needs.

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