Pressure Sensor Silicon Cup Structure

- Nov 03, 2017-

There are three basic types of air compressors: Swing, Rotary and Centrifugal. It is usually based on this subdivision. The pressure in general industrial air compressors is 2hp to 10000hp. Pressure Sensor Air compressor is mainly used in pneumatic control, execution, injection equipment, pneumatic tools, air emissions operations and other applications

The most common air compressors typically operate at pressures of 125 psi (about 8.6 atmospheres) with gas velocities ranging from 1 CFM to 15,000 CFM. When air containing impurities or contaminants passes through the compressor, it greatly reduces the working efficiency of the air compressor and reduces its useful life. To this end, the general manufacturer through the installation of separation / filtration equipment to remove airborne stolen goods, moisture and oil.

As filtration equipment increases the amount of contaminants adsorbed, the pressure drop across the filtered gas will increase. Therefore, the need to use pressure sensors to monitor the pressure drop of the gas. When the gas pressure drop reaches 10pis, the pressure sensor can trigger the alarm system in the circuit, in order to notify the operator to timely clean or replace the filter equipment. Pressure Sensor Due to the gas pressure drop by the use of the environment, the filter length of time, the amount of filtered air and other factors. Therefore, the actual process is based on the need to clean up or replace the filter equipment, rather than just the length of time.

Piezoresistive pressure sensor pressure-sensitive components are piezoresistive components, which is based on the piezoresistive effect of work. Pressure Sensor The so-called piezoresistive element is actually refers to the semiconductor material in the substrate with a diffusion process made of integrated circuit technology, when it is subject to external forces, the resistance changes due to resistivity changes. Diffuse resistance to be attached to the normal work of the flexible components, commonly used single crystal silicon film.

Piezoresistive chip with a peripheral silicon cup structure, packaged in the shell. On a single circular monosilicon diaphragm, four diffused resistors are placed, Pressure Sensor two in the stressed zone and the other two in the stressed zone, which make up a full-bridge measurement circuit. The silicon diaphragm is held in a circular silicon cup, with two pressure chambers on each side, a high pressure chamber connected to the pressure being measured, and a low pressure chamber connected to the reference pressure and usually vented to atmospheric pressure. When there is pressure difference, the diaphragm is deformed, Pressure Sensor so that the resistance of the two pairs of resistance changes, the bridge out of balance, the output voltage reflects the pressure on both sides of the diaphragm size.

The traditional compensation method is to compensate the series-parallel resistor method on the bridge arm, which is realized by using a laser trimming pre-fabricated thick film resistor network on a ceramic substrate to improve the working efficiency. However, Pressure Sensor this method has a lot of shortcomings and limitations, and wide temperature compensation accuracy of only 2% to 3%, less than the automotive pressure measurement requirements. By using digital signal processing to convert the weak signal of the sensor into a standard voltage signal, Pressure Sensor and the implanted model algorithm compensates the output standard signal to a certain accuracy range, it is the latest sensor signal conditioning technology of the present generation.

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