Pressure Sensor The Most Extensive

- Aug 16, 2017-

There are three basic types of air compressors: swing, Pressure Sensor rotary and centrifugal. Usually on this basis can also be subdivided. General industrial air compressor pressure in the size of 2hp to 10000hp. Air compressors are mainly used in pneumatic control, execution, spray equipment, Pressure Sensor pneumatic tools, air emissions and other applications.

The most common air compressors typically operate at 125pis (about 8.6 atmospheres) and have a gas flow rate of 1CFM to 15000CFM. When the air containing impurities or contaminants through the compressor, Pressure Sensor will greatly reduce the efficiency of air compressors, and reduce its useful life. Pressure Sensor To this end, the general manufacturer will install the separation / filtration equipment to remove the air in the stolen goods, water vapor and oil.

With the increase in the amount of contaminants adsorbed by the filtration equipment, the pressure drop after filtration will be increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to use a pressure sensor to monitor the pressure drop of the gas. When the pressure drop of the gas reaches 10pis, the pressure sensor can trigger the alarm system in the circuit in order to inform the operator to clean up or replace the filter device in time. Pressure Sensor As the pressure drop of the gas is affected by the use of the environment, the length of the filter used, the amount of filtered air and many other factors. Therefore, in the actual process is necessary to filter the equipment to clean up or replace, rather than just use the length of time.

The pressure sensor is the most widely used sensor, Pressure Sensor it is generally composed of elastic sensors and displacement sensitive components. The effect of the elastic-sensitive element is to apply the measured pressure to an area and to a displacement or strain, which is then converted by a displacement-sensitive element or strain gauge into an electrical signal having a certain relationship with the pressure. Sometimes the two components of the function set in one.

Pressure sensor is mainly used in: pressurized cylinder, Pressure Sensor supercharger, gas-liquid pressurized cylinder, gas-liquid supercharger, presses, compressors, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

1, applied to the hydraulic system: the pressure sensor in the hydraulic system is mainly to complete the force of the closed-loop control.

2, used in safety control system: pressure sensors in the safety control system is often used, Pressure Sensor mainly for the field of air compressor itself is the safety management system.

3, used to promote sleep: the pressure sensor on the mattress underground, Pressure Sensor the pressure sensor will induce the turn, heartbeat and breathing and other related movements, the sensor will analyze this series of information, and then through the analysis of the sensor, and finally all the data Processing the spectrum into a paragraph of the track, Pressure Sensor of course, Pressure Sensor can be a night of sleep compressed into a few minutes of music.

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