Pressure Sensor Very Wide

- May 18, 2015-

  • Wide Use Range of Pressure Sensor:

Pressure sensors in our industrial park are also very wide range of use,in some very harsh environment, so choose a good anti-jamming pressure sensor is very necessary. If at that time, when the choice did not pay attention to, how to do it?

If the anti-interference is poor,it is particularly vulnerable to external interference, then its application will be subject to great restrictions. Pressure sensors are one of the most widely used sensors in sensors, and are widely used in industrial,agricultural and service industries.


The pressure sensor obtains information directly or in close proximity to the object under test. The pressure sensor and the measured object are in the interference environment at the same time, inevitably be outside interference.

At present, the pressure sensor has been able to adapt to many environments in use but in some environments the pressure sensor is not good enough anti-jamming, we must from multiple angles, combined with high technology to make the pressure sensor to further improve the anti-interference.

 There are several types of pressure sensor products, such as when we need to measure high-temperature media, we need to use high-temperature pressure sensor(QP-83G:the second picture above),if you want to display with the need to select the digital pressure sensor,the general choice of pressure sensor products, the most critical is the main range And precision(QP-87X:the first picture above).

 Regardless of the type of pressure sensor we choose, we mainly consider the pressure sensor overload, offset, impact resistance and other properties.Of course, we choose the pressure sensor, as far as possible through the relevant manufacturers of technical personnel to fully understand the product and make it clear that their application needs, so that manufacturers guide and choose their own pressure sensor products,but also facilitate the late product measurement and installation.

Traditionally, the sensor silicon chip and the sensor other circuits are connected by fine gold wire. These fine wires are soldered to the metal pads of the sensor chip and then onto the printed circuit board at the pin or other parts of the transmitter.These fine lines or welds are prone to fatigue and malfunction, such as fatigue due to high vibration or rapid pressure cycling. But this method is still used by other silicon pressure transmitter manufacturers.


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