Pressure Sensor Wiring Method

- Aug 12, 2015-

Pressure sensor always is used to measure gas or liquid pressure.Below is the introduction about wiring method of pressure sensor:

pressure sensor QP-88B.jpg

QP-88B wiring connection.JPG

Wiring method: the sensor wiring has always been the customer procurement process consulting one of the most problems, many customers do not know how to connect the sensor, in fact, a variety of sensor wiring are basically the same, the pressure sensor generally have two lines orThree-wire system.

Pressure sensor two-wire system is relatively simple, the general customers know how wiring, a line to connect the power positive, another line is the signal line through the instrument connected to the power supply negative, this is the most simple, pressure sensor three-wire system is in two Line system based on the addition of a line, this line directly connected to the negative power supply, more trouble than the two lines.

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