Digital Differential Pressure Sensor with 4-20 Ma Hart Protocol

Digital Differential Pressure Sensor with 4-20 Ma Hart Protocol

QP-86D is used to measure differential pressure.The signal output can be analog or digital output to select.

Product Details

Digital Differential Pressure Sensor with 4-20 Ma Hart Protocol    

Production Introduction:

Model:QP-86D differential pressure sensor

Dimensions :( unit: mm)


Range   code


Measure   span





















Analog output: two wire 4~20mADC

Digital output: two wire 4~20mADC and variable digital signal in accordance with HART AGREEMENT.

Power: supply voltage 12.5~45VDC

Limit load: Max load resistor Rmax in loop decided by the supply voltage, see the below drawing. HART AGREEMENY require the load resistor not less than 250 Ω, not more than 600Ω

Communication distance: Max. 1.5km, multi-address communication can connect 15 smart transmitters max.

Output display: 4 digital display, 5 digit LCD display, pointer type.

Marking: ExiaII CT5; explosion-proof isolation type

Zero offset: can positive offset or negative offset, but can not overstep the utmost value

Temperature: environment temperature-40~85 (When choose LCD:-20~70)

Medium temperature:-40~104

Static pressure and one side overload: 3.45Kpa(Absolute)   31.2MPa(Gauge)

Relative humidity:5 ~98%RH

Startup time: less than 5 sec.

Capability change: less than 4px3

Damp adjust: 0.20~25sec.

Malfunction alarming: If appear malfunction, automatism diagnose function will out 3.9 or 21.0mA

Protection: To avoid the datas are modified random, can utilize

Software or protect switch lock the memory data

Reference condition: zero is the lower limit and not offset, temperature 25℃, Atmospheric pressure, 24VDC power, silicon oil, diaphragm 316L, data adjust range the same as the up and lower limit of the range

Accuracy: ±0.1%, adjust range≥0.1URL

±[0.05+(0.005URL/span)]%, adjust range 0.025URL~0.1UPL

±[0.01+(0.006URL/span)]%, adjust range 0.01URL~0.025URLNote: accuracy have include the influence of linearlity, hysteresis and repeatability

Stability: ±0.1%URL/year

Tem.influence: ±(0.05%URL+0.15%span)/20

Static pressure influence: ±zero error 0.1URL/6.9Mpa

Libration effect: withstand frequency 200Hz at any direction, arouse error ±0.05%URL

Power influence: 0.005%/V

Load influence: no load influence.

Install position influence: about 250Pa zero offset, can be eliminate via calibration, no range influence.

RF interference: drift is ±0.1%span in the condition of 30-1000MHz frequency and the most field intensity 10V/m

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